Designed Good T-Shirts

Our Designed Good T-shirts are made by Alternative Apparel with 100% organic cotton. They feature an original design by one fabulous friend and come in two colors: ocean and coal. The women’s T has a mild scoop neck, and the men’s T has a crew cut.

Sizes run slightly small, and the shirts are pre-shrunk.

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The Design & The Good

To choose our very own Tees, we looked all over to find shirts that fit our Designed Good DNA. We finally chose Alternative Apparel’s Organic Crew for men and Organic Scoop Tee for women, both from their Alternative Earth Collection.

Alternative Apparel holds all its vendors to standards of social responsibility before agreeing to work with them, but we specifically chose the Organic Crew and Scoop because they are made in the most sustainable way possible, using 100 percent organic cotton and low-impact dying practices.

Organic cotton is grown without pesticides, which protects the top-soil and groundwater from contamination. Pesticides are also responsible for 5 million cases of poisoning amongst agricultural workers each year. It takes 1/3 pound of pesticides to grow enough cotton to make one non-organic T-shirt, and 99% of the world’s cotton crops are grown this way. An organic T-shirt is rare, and it represents a commitment to happier people and healthier ecosystems.

In addition, the dyes in the Alternative Earth collection do not use any heavy metal or toxic substances. They make sure their dyes have high-fixation, which means they don’t have to waste excess dye when making their clothing.

Plus, both Tees are made with Alternative Apparel’s special satin wash, which makes these shirts ridiculously soft. Go on, cuddle in them.